Another animal track ID competition

As with our last competition, the picture below shows an animal track which was photographed by Woodlore office member Steve, on a trip to East Africa. As always, the first person to correctly identify it wins a £10.00 Woodlore Voucher – good luck!

Animal print

The animal print found in East Africa, correctly identified as that of a baboon

It seems like this print threw a lot of you, and some of us as well! However, it was correctly identified by Jamie as the print of a baboon – well done Jamie.

If you’d like to brush up on your skills at tracking and identifying wildlife, we recommend taking part in the Woodlore Tracking course, or, alternatively, taking a look at the Animal Tracks & Signs book.

27 thoughts on “Another animal track ID competition

  1. Lewis O'connell

    Hi woodlore team,
    the track looks very crisp in the shingle, so it seems like a heavy animal, indeed that of a big cat. I believe this track to be the rear paw af an african lion.
    Many thanks, lewis.



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