Wild River with Ray Mears – Coming Soon to ITV

Ray returns to our screens on New Year’s Day with a one-off hour-long programme on the natural wonders of the River Wye. Take a look at the official trailer below:

Regarded as one of the most stunning waterways in the world, the Wye runs for over 200 km between Wales and England, flowing through spectacular mountain gorges and forests teeming with wildlife.

Wild River will be broadcast for the first time on Friday 1st January 2016 at 17:30 on ITV1.

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About Woodlore Limited

Woodlore, The School of Wilderness Bushcraft, was founded in 1983 by the British Bushcraft expert, Ray Mears. Paving the way for Bushcraft courses in the UK, Woodlore began with Ray teaching small groups of students the knowledge and techniques that he had spent most of his early life honing. With Ray’s ambition and perserverance, Woodlore has since grown into a world-renowned and highly respected school, offering in-depth courses on a wide range of bushcraft and survival subjects.

10 thoughts on “Wild River with Ray Mears – Coming Soon to ITV

    1. Cal B

      Just watched this. Was honestly well worth the wait! Really well balanced, informative and entertaining. I was enraptured from beginning to end. Thank you very much Ray and the team!



    I am really looking forward to this, however it is unfortunate that it is being released on ITV. They tend to provide little to no details on the programs air date. Its distribution also makes it rather difficult to consume here in the United States. I’d love to see this, and future series be released via a paid online outlet (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). One of the best things about bushcraft is the sharing on knowledge, that is hard to do when the information cannot be disseminated.


  2. Christopher morris

    Great idea Steven M, would love to see this show, I was born on the banks of the Wye River in Hereford, now living in Australia


  3. Anonymous

    Travelled the Wye often many years ago in my Oldtown 169 really looking forward to this its beautiful river journey.



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