Complimentary Presentation Gift Pack for Courses this Christmas

If you are booking a course for someone special this Christmas we have plenty of exciting experiences for you to choose from.  We are currently celebrating 35 years of bushcraft and in commemoration of this, we have some extra courses available led by Ray himself.

Please follow our helpful points below to ensure that you have the perfect gift in time for the big day:

  • Book the course in your own name, this saves any surprises being spoilt if we need to make contact regarding the booking.
  • Call us or email us in the office to let us know that you have booked a course as a gift and the name of the person that will be attending.
  • Once we make a note of the attendee name then we will get a personalised presentation pack in the post addressed to you in a plain brown envelope so that we don’t give the game away.
  • Once received, your presentation pack can then be wrapped ready to give to your loved one.
  • Book in plenty of time so that we are able to get your presentation pack to you in time for Christmas.
Presentation Pack Folder

Presentation Pack Folder

This special gift pack contains a glossy presentation pack folder, certificate specifying the course participant, course title and date, plus a Woodlore sticker.

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