The brand new Swazi/Ray Mears Anorak

Woodlore have some very exciting kit news today – after more than a year of research and product development, with Woodlore working closely alongside Swazi Clothing, we can finally reveal the latest addition to the Swazi/Ray Mears range:

The Swazi Narwhal Anorak

The Swazi/Ray Mears Narwhal Gore-Tex Anorak

The Swazi/Ray Mears Narwhal Anorak is an extremely lightweight jacket, made from the durable 2-layer Gore-Tex PacLite fabric, making it completely waterproof, windproof and highly breathable. It’s an ideal piece of clothing for lightweight backpacking, stalking, cross-country skiing, or any activity where space and weight are critical.

Having been instrumental in the design and development process of this garment, we are very happy to see this project come to fruition. The Swazi/Ray Mears Narwhal Anorak is now available exclusively in the UK from Woodlore.

2 thoughts on “The brand new Swazi/Ray Mears Anorak

  1. Rik White

    The slimming properties of this coat look amazing, you forgot to mention that. Although a dark background is needed



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