Woodlore, School of Wilderness Buchcraft

Woodlore, School of Wilderness Buchcraft was founded in 1983, by the British Bushcraft and survival expert Ray Mears. Woodlore began as a relatively unknown company, offering a small selection of courses on bushcraft techniques. With Ray’s ambition and perserverance, Woodlore has since grown into a world-renowned and highly respected school, offering in-depth courses on a wide range of bushcraft and survival subjects. In addition to training, Woodlore now also provides some of the finest outdoors equipment from around the world, carefully selected on the basis of our extensive experience.

“Over the past twenty five years I have had the excitement of steering Woodlore on a voyage of discovery literally around the world, running courses in some of our planets remotest corners, living alongside some of the oldest cultures and tracking some of the most dangerous and fascinating wildlife.” – Ray Mears, on Woodlore’s 25th Anniversary in 2008.

The Woodlore Bushcraft Blog

The Woodlore, School of Wilderness Bushcraft Blog was started in April 2010 to keep all fellow Woodloreans up-to-date every week with news and reports from the world of Woodlore.

We aim to make this the place to find it all, be it behind-the-scenes photos from our courses, news of last-minute spaces on our wilderness expeditions, or simply the name of the equipment that Ray has been using on TV.

We hope that this Blog will allow us to give you, our followers, the answers and information that you’re looking for, all in one place. Plus, if there is something that you’d like us to report on we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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