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Woodlore, The School of Wilderness Bushcraft, was founded in 1983 by the British Bushcraft expert Ray Mears.

Octopus Stinkhorn

The following post was written by Woodlore’s Leather Worker, Becky Brewster:

Octopus Stinkhorn

Octopus Stinkhorn

I thought I would share an unusual find – these were in a field in Horam, East Sussex. The first one was about 2 meters from the edge of the field and had the appearance of a starfish just dropped on the grass. Closer inspection revealed it was growing from the ground and so we looked further and found these ‘beauties’ at the very edge. I have never seen these before so took some photos to help with identification. My outdoor team colleagues tell me they are the Octopus Stinkhorn fungi and quite rare.

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An Insight into the Woodlore Leather Workshop

It has never been so busy in the Woodlore Leather Workshop. Becky, our resident leather worker has been beavering away recently making numerous products, including sheaths for the new Ray Mears Bushcraft Knife and the new Ray Mears Leather Strops. Becky has also been engrossed in building up stocks of our very popular products in readiness for the upcoming Christmas rush. During this busy time Becky thought that it would be nice to give you a little insight into the ‘goings on’ in our leather workshop:

I love to see a batch of finished work but Keith has worked some camera magic here – the lighting has really brought out the lovely variety of colours and natural markings in the leather.

Leather knife sheaths and leather belts

Leather knife sheaths and leather belts

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20 Years of Woodlore Courses

In July this year we were joined by Woodlorean Tim Kershaw who attended his first Woodlore course in 1997. Tim kindly sent us some words about his experience 20 years on:

Fundamental Bushcraft Severnside 2017

Fundamental Bushcraft Severnside 2017

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Customer Review – Carving Master Class with Ray Mears

James Smith attended his first course, the Fundamental Bushcraft, with us in April this year and caught the ‘bushcraft bug’.  Here is a short review from James after completion of his second course, the Carving Master Class with Ray Mears, which he booked very shortly after returning home from the Fundamental Bushcraft course:

As anyone reading this may appreciate, completing the Woodlore Fundamental Bushcraft course can leave you with severe withdrawal symptoms! This was certainly true for myself. So before I’d even unpacked all my gear I jumped at the chance to attend a Carving Masterclass with Ray Mears.

Many aspects of bushcraft require patience and observation: carving is no exception. As students we were encouraged to take our time, deal with problems early on (‘a philosophy for life’) and also factor in some breaks. After all, tiredness and very sharp tools do not mix well…

Throughout the course Ray and his assistants were constantly on hand to offer advice and guidance, all within easy reach of the campfire kettle. Slowly but surely we turned humble pieces of birch into spoons.

Spoons?! On the surface it can seem like no big deal. But there are many valuable skills and procedures involved in the creation of even the most utilitarian of objects – skills that we are increasingly losing touch with. If you want to gain a new appreciation of simple, everyday objects, try making some of them!

Huge thanks to Ray, Keith, Steve, Jamie and all at Woodlore for a truly unforgettable day.

Now, I just need to befriend a tree surgeon…

Carved spoons from the Fundamental Bushcraft and Carving Master Class courses

Carved spoons from the Fundamental Bushcraft and Carving Master Class courses –

– James Smith

Woodlore Team Training 2017

Last weekend saw the Woodlore outdoor team gather together for their annual staff training. This year, the team took an in-depth view of some of the essential professional skills required to run successful courses safely in any environment. We were joined by Jamie Cooke, a world leader in resuscitation practice and Specialist Instructor on our First Aid courses, who gave the team their regular top-up of knowledge and training. Ray led the team in looking at the complications and hazards of leading overseas expeditions and how we can use our experiences to improve and inform our teaching on Woodlore’s exceptional range of UK training courses.

Team Training 2017

Between times, the team had the opportunity to come together and enjoy the warmth of the Woodlore camp fire, sharing food and stories of what has happened since the last season together. On the final day, Ray once again led the team and demonstrated a rich diversity of skills which will be embedded into our courses over the coming year. Woodlore is constantly moving forward in terms of equipment, knowledge and technique so these times spent together in the woods are essential. It means that our clients in the coming year will have a learning experience that is current, relevant and absolutely second to none.

Keith Whitehead

Ray Mears Tour Dates for 2017 – ‘Born To Go Wild’

We are delighted to announce a new tour throughout the UK to take place this year, entitled ‘Born to go Wild’. Please scroll down for dates and venues:

Ray Mears - Born to go Wild

Ray Mears – Born to go Wild

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Stephen Wade Cox

Stephen Wade Cox

Stephen Wade Cox

It is with deep regret that Woodlore must pass on this sad and tragic news:

“Yesterday morning I received the news that Stephen Wade Cox had passed away. I speak for all the team when I say that we were profoundly upset by such an unexpected tragedy.  Over the past eight years we had come to recognise his astonishing and ever growing talent as a knife maker. A perfectionist and thorough professional, he was a joy to work with. Throughout this year I had worked very closely with him in the development of the Woodlore Knife Pro. This provided me the opportunity to know him better. There was much to admire in Stephen, he was calm, cheerful, thoughtful and a reliable man who loved his children. As a professional he was incredibly skilful but also humble, always at pains to honour the craftsmanship of the other knife makers who had inspired him. In his passing, Great Britain has lost one of the Worlds most talented knife makers.

Stephen will be a sorely missed member of the Woodlore Team. He last visited us just a few days ago when he had been looking forward to a holiday, full of joy and happiness. This is how I shall always remember him; smiling, happy and certain in the knowledge that his talents were fully appreciated.” – Ray Mears

Our thoughts and condolences are with his family at this heartrending time.