Justin Burns’ Julius Pettersson Knife

The following entry was kindly provided by Woodlorean Justin Burns, who made his own handle for the Julius Pettersson Knife Blade:

Hi all,

After browsing your website it got me thinking about making my own Julius Pettersson knife handle. I loved the idea of having a handle that you could put your own stamp on.

Justin's knife, in progress

Justin’s knife, in progress

I have made many knife handles before, yet I loved having a blade made by such a talented craftsman.

Ready to be shaped

Ready to be shaped

The handle has buffalo horn in two shades, mahogany and red acrylic. It is shaped in a similiar manner to that of the Ray Mears Bushcraft Knife.

The finished article

The finished article

It is a strong, sturdy knife which is achieved by having a blade with a full tang and also using strong materials for the handle. The knife is designed to endure all different elements over a lifetime.

Thanks for the opportunity to own such a knife!

Justin Burns

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