Kelvin Wong’s Julius Pettersson Knife

The following post was kindly supplied by Woodlore customer Kelvin Wong, who used the Julius Pettersson Knife Blade to create his own custom Bushcraft knife:

Hi everyone,

I’d thought I’d share some photos of my new Julius Pettersson knife. It is my first attempt at knife handle making and I’d love to hear what you think.

Kelvin Wong's finished knife

Kelvin Wong's finished knife

I used reindeer antler pieces, purple and white liners, and a piece of dyed box elder burl, with nickel silver end cap and bolster. The end piece of antler was a bit small and didn’t polish up as pearly white as the front piece, but I am still quite happy with the results.

Any comments/advice on how to improve would be appreciated!

Kelvin Wong

8 thoughts on “Kelvin Wong’s Julius Pettersson Knife

  1. Bart Leenders

    Hi Kelvin,

    Thanks for your responds. Suggestions for the sheath; make one and use thick leather (saddle leather). There are enough tutorials on youtube. Or buy one; I was wondering if the Ray Mears sheath fits.

    Looking forward to your next knife. As they say; make the first two for practise.


  2. Kelvin

    Thank you for your kind words, it is my first attempt and I have ordered another JP knife blank to create a matching pair but instead of antler, using black water buffalo horn!

    Cheers mate!

    Thank you, I think the dyed burl adds a lot to it, it’s become my favourite knife. Not sure about the sheath yet as I’ve never made one before, any suggestions? 😀


  3. Rogelio

    Agreed, I think the final result is both neat and elegant. I like the combination of colours of the elder burl and the blade itself. Well done!


  4. Richard

    Beautiful knife fella, the colours are very good and the finish looks great. Thank you for the inspiration.


  5. Bart Leenders

    Great job Kelvin. A beautiful combination of materials. A real classic. You have inspired me to make one myself too. What are you going to use as a sheath?


  6. Timothy


    You appear to have made an excellent job of your knife handle & if this is your first attempt at this craft i woulld advise you to pursue it further. Well done!



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