Ray Mears Close Encounters – Episode 2

The second episode of Ray’s brand new series, Ray Mears Close Encounters, will be broadcast at 9:00 pm on Wednesday 24th July on ITV1.

In this new two-part documentary series, survival expert and presenter Ray Mears follows two of Australia’s most iconic animals, the Saltwater Crocodile and Tasmanian Devil. By studying these animals up close and in the wild, Ray gains a privileged insight into their unique habitats, in Australia’s Northern Territory and Tasmania’s wilderness.

Ray Mears Close Encounters - The New ITV Series

Ray Mears Close Encounters – The New ITV Series

In this second and final episode, Ray visits Tasmania to discover more about the island’s icon, the Tasmanian devil, and the fight to save it from a deadly cancer, Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD). By visiting the Tasmanian devil’s beautiful natural habitats Ray gets a chance to understand this tragedy as well as meet some other extraordinary creatures such as Monster Crayfish and the shy Platypus.

With the help of vets, researchers, locals and Search and Rescue pilots, he gains a better understanding of a unique island which can have up to ‘four seasons in one day’ but where the Tasmanian devil’s survival is threatened – possibly to extinction.

Ray Mears Close Encounters - The New ITV Series

Ray Mears Close Encounters – The New ITV Series

Extinction isn’t new to Tasmania and in the capital Hobart, Rays sees the last remaining evidence of the island’s most fearsome predator – the Tasmanian Tiger. The Tiger, like the local Aboriginal population, was wiped out by European settlers. Everyone hopes the Tasmanian devil population won’t go the same way, and hope is high.

Throughout the island Ray finds individuals dedicated to saving the species. Currently the island’s wild, West Coast is disease free and before he leaves, Ray hopes he might get a glimpse of healthy Tasmanian devils feeding in the wild.

4 thoughts on “Ray Mears Close Encounters – Episode 2

  1. elaine malpass

    Loved the programms about Tasmania; so sad about the plight of the devils. But it is good to see mankind is trying to help this time.


  2. Chris Hewitt

    The decline of the Tassie Devil must not be allowed to happen. We’ve had the extinction of the Thylacine and the Tasmanian Aboriginals, both due to ignorance and apathy.
    Hopefully, as a species, we have learned from this and can do something about it before it’s too late (again!).


  3. Ciaran Rooney

    Really enjoyed the programme! Very beautiful shots of the Tasmanian Bush. The music was much more relaxed as well – 10x less obnoxious than the croc one!

    I agree with Ray on the Tasmanian Devil – they look just like a minature black Bear! It and the Platypus are beautiful, beautiful creatures.

    Looking forward to Ray’s next series, whatever that may be – hopefully one on Bushcraft!



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