The Ray Mears Folding Trivet

As many of you may have noticed, deliveries of the popular Short Tripod that we sell have been few and far between recently. One positive move that has come from this, however, is that Ray has now worked with British blacksmith and long-time friend of Woodlore’s, Andrew Kirkham, to design their very own take on the bushcraft cooking tripod.

The Ray Mears Folding Trivet

The Ray Mears Folding Trivet in use with a Zebra Billy Can

The Ray Mears Folding Trivet is a tough, fully-collabsible cooking tripod, ideal for bushcraft use. Hand-made from mild steel, this is a piece of kit that will see it through many trips and adventures.

The Ray Mears Folding Trivet

The Ray Mears Folding Trivet, complete with removable pot stand

Unlike standard cooking tripods, it features a unique, removable pot stand which, when placed over the cooking platform, makes it possible to cook with smaller pots and mugs such as the Zebra Billy Can or Military Crusader Cup, making it perfect for Bushcraft use.

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