A glimpse into Woodlore’s past

Annemarie Hopper, a student of a number of Woodlore’s courses between 1998 – 1999, including the Introduction to Bushcraft as well as a wilderness cooking course, kindly got in touch with us recently to say she had some photos to hand that she had taken all those years back.

The resulting pictures were great to see, offering a glimpse into Woodlore’s past. After all these years, it’s amazing to see just how much has changed, while so much has stayed the same…

Ray Mears bow drill

Ray Mears demonstrating the bow drill technique of fire lighting

Ray Mears knife sharpening

Ray sharpening his knife using waterstones

Ray Mears cooking outdoors

Preparing a meal to cook over the campfire

Ray Mears

We’re not sure what’s going on here – judo possibly?!

2 thoughts on “A glimpse into Woodlore’s past

  1. Annemarie Hopper

    It was some kind of one armed wrestling.
    Millenium Eve Woodlore style 😉
    And a great time was had by all.


  2. Ashley Cawley

    Great to see some old shots of Ray, any chance of a little more resolution?

    Ray has got some Judo experience hasn’t he? I enjoyed watching him beat the mongolian wrestling champion a few years back. Perhaps he could pop down to Cornwall and jump in the ring with me; I’m the Cornish Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, it’s certainly another ancient tradition he could pickup 😉

    Thanks to Annemarie Hopper & Woodlore for sharing these photos.



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