Jonathan Aballi’s Julius Pettersson Knife

It seems as though Julius Pettersson’s reputation is spreading worldwide, with Californian customer Jonathan Aballi getting hold of one his knife blades and kindly sending in these pictures:

Hello Woodlore,

I wanted to send pictures of my finished knife. The handle is made from giraffe bone, leather and stabilized black ash burl:

Jonathan Aballi's Julius Pettersson Knife #3

The finished article

I formed it to my hand pretty well, and so far so good. This is a really high-quality blade and will actually become my everyday knife once I finish the sheath. I included a few other pictures which illustrate the process although this is nothing new to those that have made one:

Jonathan Aballi's Julius Pettersson Knife #1

The raw materials

Jonathan Aballi's Julius Pettersson Knife #2

Waiting for the glue to dry

I appreciate you offering this product and it was truly rewarding making the handle; I am also currently working on one for my wife, which I will send in pictures of once I finish.

Thanks again,

Jonathan Aballi, Escondido, CA

4 thoughts on “Jonathan Aballi’s Julius Pettersson Knife

  1. Jonathan Aballi

    Thanks for the comments, used a file for most of the material removal and then switched over to sandpaper once ready. Used 60, 100, 150 and 400 grit after filing. Also, worked well to wrap the sandpaper around paint stir sticks, didn’t use a sander. Good luck



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