Wild Britain with Ray Mears: Exclusive, hour-long episodes to be shown on Eden

Wild Britain with Ray Mears

Ray Mears on location during the filming of Wild Britain

Exclusive, hour-long episodes of Ray’s most recent series, Wild Britain with Ray Mears, are to be shown shortly on the Sky channel Eden. The series, which was originally aired on ITV 1 last year in 30 minute slots, will now be shown on Eden with additional, never-seen-before footage on each episode.

The series begins this coming Monday, 4th April; for exact showing times, please visit the following link:

When is it on?

5 thoughts on “Wild Britain with Ray Mears: Exclusive, hour-long episodes to be shown on Eden

  1. Tracey Wiffen

    Watching Wild Britain again on Eden has been an absolute joy. It has given me so much pleasure to share the knowledge and wisdom of our British wildlife with others, having raved about it over the internet! Ray is a dream to watch and so engaging in his enthusiasm. Hope to use it in lessons with children if that’s permitted, especially the piece on the Dragonfly?

    Are the “never seen before” clips on dvd?


    1. The Woodlore Team Post author

      Hi Ciaran,

      Wild Britain was actually shown on ITV last year, so it will only be shown again if they repeat it at some point. These extended hour-long episodes however will only be shown on Eden.




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