Woodlore’s Annual Training Week

With the promise of a light dusting of snow in the air, the Woodlore Team gathered in the beautiful woodlands of East Sussex. Hundreds of miles away from the Arctic camp that we occupied just a week or so before, the English weather seemed determined to remind us that it could put on its own show and provide the sort of challenging conditions ideal for trimming our skills, ready for Woodlore’s 30th Anniversary season.

Training week 2013

The Woodlore field team at the annual training week

Training week is a very important fixture in the team calendar and provides an opportunity for us all to refresh friendships, brush-up on skills and come together in the environment that we are so passionate about. This year our focus was on renewing the team’s first aid qualifications and so, under the instruction and guidance of Jamie Cooke, Woodlore’s outdoor staff reminded themselves of the essential nature of this essential wilderness skill. The application of realistic scenarios ensured that the adrenaline kept pumping and Jamie’s humour and outstanding teaching ability made sure that what was learned held fast in the memories of the participants. Anybody attending one of Woodlore’s medical courses will be able to vouch for the unique ability of this kind of training to make things stick!

Bow Drill at training week

Woodlore field team practising their buschraft skills at training week

In amongst the fast-paced learning provided by Jamie, the team had other essential tasks. New course sites had to be readied, changes made to camp and the skills of the woodsman honed, ready to ensure the highest standards for the coming year. In amongst the blizzards, cold, rain and occasional sunshine, the team atmosphere was one of excitement and good humour, boosted by great food and better company. At the end of the day, the fireside beckoned and stories were shared as we all reminded ourselves why we love our job so much. Ready for this years’ exciting courses, we look forward to welcoming you into our family.

Training week camp fire at Woodlore

Woodlore’s communal camp fire during training week

Written by Keith Whitehead

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