First Course of the Woodlore UK Season

The first of the Woodlore UK courses took place over the Easter bank holiday weekend.  Here is some feedback from client Stuart Mason after he attended the Woodlore Introduction to Bushcraft course:

I got back today from my Introduction to Bushcraft course, taught by Keith and Mark.

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course, how much I learned, and home much stuff I thought I know that I unlearned! The pace and content of the course was ideal, and I have nothing but praise for the skills, patience and friendliness of both Keith and Mark.

Shelters on the Woodlore Introduction to Bushcraft course

Client shelters on the Introduction to Bushcraft course

In terms of expectations, the washing facilities were rather tough – but then I guess you don’t yet have the mastery over the weather!! Ice cold water (with ice crystals!) in a bowl.

The packing list was very useful, and I came more prepared than required, which is far more preferable to the alternative. So, I’ll be looking at the other courses available, and will now be trying to persuade a few friends to try it too.

Stuart Mason

1 thought on “First Course of the Woodlore UK Season

  1. Rik White

    Nice one Stuart.
    If i’d of written a review of the Fundamental Bushcraft course that i attended back in 2010, with Keith, Mark and Rob as the instructors, it would have been pretty much word for word, apart from the weather.
    The Packing list is useful, however it took me a couple of attempts of packing and re-packing to get it down to a managable load, and only after the course did i realise that i didn’t need half as much! Subsequently, that kit has been sold and a Forest Axe been purchased with the proceeds. Am now waiting for family commitments to abate, then its a Campcraft course for me.

    Nice pic, brings back very fond memories.



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