Wilderness Walks with Ray Mears – Episode 1 – ‘Dartmoor’

You can now watch the very first episode of Ray’s brand new series Wilderness Walks with Ray Mears online. Just click on the image below to be taken to the official ITV Player site:

Wilderness Walks with Ray Mears - Episode 1 - Dartmoor

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About Woodlore Limited

Woodlore, The School of Wilderness Bushcraft, was founded in 1983 by the British Bushcraft expert, Ray Mears. Paving the way for Bushcraft courses in the UK, Woodlore began with Ray teaching small groups of students the knowledge and techniques that he had spent most of his early life honing. With Ray’s ambition and perserverance, Woodlore has since grown into a world-renowned and highly respected school, offering in-depth courses on a wide range of bushcraft and survival subjects.

13 thoughts on “Wilderness Walks with Ray Mears – Episode 1 – ‘Dartmoor’

    1. Andrew Swotty Scrivens

      It’s not been aired yet for the same reason that all the others have been delayed ,because of the damned football! I’ve never known a series be so disrupted and it really infuriates me that yet again football takes precedence…. I don’t understand why it couldn’t have been scheduled for a better run of dates.
      What’s your opinion Woodlore?


  1. StevieMiddlesex (@StevieMiddlesex)

    Sorry Ray but I can’t get into your new series on ITV. The gap between episodes is way too long. And not to mention the actual content. 30 minutes on ITV cutting out “what’s in part one” and “coming up in part two”, 18 minutes of content. Move back to BBC


  2. Sharon Lewis

    Great, thanks for the update. Maybe you could organise a series to be shown during the next world cup. After the last one there’ll be plenty of empty slots where the England matches should have been shown 🙂 (Dave)


  3. woodloreltd Post author

    Hi everyone. Thanks for your interest. We have just received word from ITV that the second episode will not be broadcast until sometime in October, potentially around the second or third week. As soon as we have any further news we will keep you all posted here.



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