Wilderness Walks with Ray Mears – Episode 3 – ‘Snowdonia’

Ray Mears on location in Snowdonia

Ray Mears on location in Snowdonia

Ray’s latest series, Wilderness Walks with Ray Mears, hits the halfway point next week with its third episode, airing at 7:30 PM on Tuesday 28th October, on ITV1. For viewers in Wales, episode 3 will be aired at 12:10 PM on Sunday 2nd November.

In episode three, Ray visits Snowdonia and discovers how, in the rugged landscapes around Britain’s highest mountain, there are forms of wildlife which survive against all the odds, and can only be found in this very special part of Wales.

In one segment, mammal traps are laid overnight to see how much wildlife is roaming on a particularly tightly-cropped hillside, and Ray is surprised at the results:

“Putting those traps down has completely transformed my understanding of this landscape – I would never have thought there could be so many small mammals in ground that’s so heavily grazed; it makes you think again, and that’s the beauty of that kind of research.”

If you missed episode two, which saw Ray travelling down the River Thames by canoe, you can catch up on the ITV Player here.

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