Ray Mears and the Path of Grey Owl

The question is not what we get out of nature, but what can we give back to nature.

The Path of Grey Owl is a new film by Goh Iromoto, shot on location in Ontario, Canada. It follows Ray Mears through the wilderness of the Temagami region, as he explores the path of acclaimed author and conservationist Grey Owl (also known as Archibald Belaney). While reflecting on the landscape that shaped Grey Owl into the person that he was, Ray further delves into Grey Owl’s message about protecting our wilderness, and explains why this is still so relevant and important in our present day.

For more information on Grey Owl, please click here.

For your chance to win a trip to Ontario with Ray Mears as your guide, please click here.

7 thoughts on “Ray Mears and the Path of Grey Owl

  1. Bob Pinder-Moss

    As a Canadian woodsman, I see Grey Owl as the epitome of my kind. It is with great regret that I admit to having had a part in the logging off of great vistas of the forest that I grew up loving. As a forestry technician in my youth, this was my work. I can now look on Google Earth and see the reforestation that covers the blocks I laid out back in the ’80’s. Brought up by a woodsman father and trained in geology and forestry, somehow I slipped into an industrial mindset. Instead of a miracle of God, a forest was so many cubic meters of sawlogs. Ray Mears and Tom Brown Jr. have brought back to me the sense of wonder I used to have as a youth. For this, I thank them. May none of us ever stop wondering and wandering. This little film cannot capture the scent of hot pines in the summer sun, or the touch of a forest-filtered breeze on your face, but it did an admirable job of hinting at it. Grey Owl was right, it’s best to give back to nature.


  2. Katie

    Visually stunning. Beautifully and thoughtfully presented. I thoroughly enjoy it.

    One minor comment – please receive this in the spirit of goodwill, as it is intended.
    The phrase “red indian” was used as a descriptor in the film. Speaking as a Canadian and a member of the aboriginal community, this may be construed as a derogatory term. I am sure that this was not the intention. If this was a direct quotation from the writings of Grey Owl – please disregard my comment. Not meaning to stir the pot!


  3. Dermot

    Profound message, stunningly made film.
    It is my responsibility, all of our responsibilities to respect and admire nature, after all it is what sustains us no matter how clever we think we are! We have lost the core connection with the world around us and need to reconnect with that source not treat every forest, woodland and mineral deposit as a commodity to be plundered.
    Less is more.


  4. Colin

    Excellent short film. Very inspiring and also very enjoyable to watch and escape at the end of a long Friday at work. Ray’s message of working with nature is one that is so important.

    …and this would make a great introduction to running the Scout Naturalist Badge.

    Thanks to Ray and Goh Iromoto.



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