Your Bushcraft Knives – Julius Pettersson blade

We love to see our customer’s projects and crafts, making beautiful items and this is no exception. Thank you to Steve Brewster for sending in these photos and words about his recent knife project using the Julius Pettersson knife blade he purchased from us.

Well after a few “rookie mistakes” and spending more on reindeer antler than the blade, I have finally finished my knife build. 

Ever since seeing the T.V. series and reading Ray’s book, I have always coveted the blade that Julius made for Ray and for years wanted to handle a knife, if not the same, well then similar.   I made various attempts over the years but to no avail.  Also for a long time the same blade that I coveted so much remained out of stock.  Uncannily, I checked again around Feb/March (just out of curiosity) as I was looking for a new project and lo and behold, said blade was back in stock, so I scraped the money together and purchased one. After a few months, a lot of practice and a lot of reindeer antler later I finally finished the project along with a handmade sheath. The blade is outstanding, scary sharp and I could not be happier with it.  I intend to make more as the time passes by, and I have found myself to be buying Ray’s books and reading them.

I would like to thank Ray and all his team for the inspiration and knowledge given amongst other things.

Steve Brewster

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