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Animal print identification competition

The below picture, taken by Woodlore office member Steve on a trip to East Africa earlier this year, shows an animal print found in the dirt. The first person to find and correctly identify it wins, as always, a £10.00 Woodlore Voucher:

The animal print found in Eastern Africa, correctly identified as that of a hyena

The animal print found in Eastern Africa, correctly identified as that of a hyena

Due to the angle at which the photograph was taken, this wasn’t the easiest print to identify. However, some of you got it right – it is in fact a hyena print; Steve and the group were even lucky enough to see one that day sprinting past them. Of all the comments, Zoe was the first to answer correctly, winning a £10.00 Woodlore Voucher.

If you’d like to brush up on your skills at tracking and identifying wildlife, we’d recommend taking a look at the Animal Tracks & Signs book or, even better, taking part in our Woodlore Tracking course.

Moth identification competition

This moth was spotted resting on a pair of boots on one of our Fundamental Bushcraft courses earlier this month. Can anyone identify it?

The first person to leave a comment with the correct answer will win a £10.00 Woodlore Voucher.

Black Arches moth

The moth, correctly identified as the Black Arches (Lymantria monacha)

As many of you have pointed out, this moth is in fact the Black Arches moth (Lymantria monacha). Siegfried was the first to answer correctly, winning a £10.00 voucher, but well done to everyone who got it right.

Win a £10.00 Woodlore Voucher

For over a year now, we’ve been sending out Woodlore stickers with every single order from our Online Shop. Now, we’re giving you the chance to win a £10.00 Woodlore voucher, by showing us just where your sticker has ended up.

Adorned with the classic Woodlore logo designed by Ray so many years ago, these stickers have made it as far as Russia, Japan, Australia, Brazil and almost everywhere in between. If you’ve ordered from us during this time, we want to see where your sticker has made it.

E-mail us with a picture of your Woodlore sticker, and the best five entries chosen by the Woodlore Team will win a £10.00 Woodlore Voucher, which can be used against any of the camping kit in our shop, or against a Bushcraft Course of your choice.

To get the ball rolling, here’s Roger French’s entry, on the back of his 4×4, all the way from South Africa:

Roger French's sticker on the back of his 4x4

Roger French, South Africa

All entries must reach us by Wednesday 30th June 2010.