Welcome to the Woodlore, School of Wilderness Bushcraft Blog!

Well, it’s the beginning of a new course season once again. With lots going on already, we feel it’s an ideal time to start our Bushcraft Blog. From here, the Woodlore Team hopes to keep all fellow Woodloreans up-to-date every week with news and reports from the world of Woodlore.

This will be the place to find it all, be it behind-the-scenes photos from our courses, news of last-minute spaces on our wilderness expeditions, or simply the name of the equipment Ray Mears has been using on TV.

Hopefully this blog will allow us to give all our followers the answers and info that they’re looking for, all in one place. Plus, if there’s something you’d like to see up here we’d love to hear your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Woodlore, School of Wilderness Bushcraft Blog!

  1. Britt

    Before the age of exploration around the 1600-1700’s, there was an Indian group named the “Cherokee” and I happen to have quite a bit of it in my blood. They lived in open, uncharted land and that gave me the urge throughout my entire life, even when I was a lad, to study and practice bushcraft.
    At the age of 11 now, I have been tortured at not being able to visit wild places where I cant see a village even if it was flat land. But you, Ray and your team, brought light to my past and my future. Every day I just wish I could run away to live with my ancestors, but I’m afraid we haven’t invented time travel, yet. I’m American, and in this country it is a god-send to find ANYONE who has any interest in camping. Even thought I’m American, I would thank you as my second god if you, or anyone from woodlore gave me tips at what I cold do.
    To me, you guy’s have made my life worth living again. Thank you. 🙂


  2. Mark

    Another great addition to the website. Superb idea.

    Six years ago my wife won a trip with Ray, Lars and Paul to Lapland. She gave it to me!

    After a week or so in the company of these extraordinary people in such a wondeful place, my aspirations and views on life changed forever.

    I went on to complete quite a few courses with Paul and the team, at every turn becoming slightly more capable. The courses give far more than just what you might expect. The Woodlore ethos of Respect, Honesty, Determination and Humility has filtered through, right in to my own business and personal outlook on life.

    I cannot speak too highly of the whole Woodlore Team from Ray to Paul to Jane and all those in between.

    Well done and thank you.

    Always A Woodlore Student



  3. Louise Llewellyn-Jones

    A Woodlore blog? What a great idea. 🙂

    Im booked on to the Fundamental Bushcraft course in May – and the more kit I collect for this trip, the more exciting it becomes!

    I’ve never been camping before (never mind caught a fish or pitched a shelter from sticks) but I’m well up for the challenge….. And even if I prove to be useless in the great outdoors, at least my DIY skills may improve.




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