Wilderness Navigation course feedback

Students on our Wilderness Navigation Course

Students on our Wilderness Navigation Course

Alexis, a recent student of our Wilderness Navigation course, kindly sent us a slew of pictures and some great feedback from her week in the woods:

“It was great fun and I learned a huge amount! This is my third course with Woodlore and it never ceases to amaze me how the instructors manage to use differentiated teaching, to pass on so much, in such a short space of time and keep you laughing! It is quite a shock when you flick back through the notebook at the end of the week and see just how far you have come and realise that things that you found hard on day one, seem like a walk in the park by the end of the week!”

1 thought on “Wilderness Navigation course feedback

  1. Zoe Ginster

    For those of you, like me, interested in maps, there is a fantastic event at The British Library’s summer exhibition of Magnificent Maps: Power, Propaganda and Art (Tuesday 8th June at 8.30pm)
    “A collection of cartographic masterpieces”
    The exhibition is on from 30th April to 19th Sep

    For more info check out one of my fav sites http://www.stanfords.co.uk/events




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