Woodlore’s first WEM 2 first aid course

Last week we ran our first ever Woodlore Wilderness First Aid course, the second stage in our brand new series of wildnerness first aid courses run in conjunction with Fusion Medical Limited.  The course was a great success with all of the clients getting involved with the realistic and challenging first aid scenarios they were faced with, ranging from minor cuts to severe burns and major head injuries.  All the scenarios and injuries are based on real-life situations that could occur at home, at work or in the wilderness.


Woodlore instructor Dan Hume plays his part in one of the first aid scenarios

We now have a biography for Jamie Cooke from Fusion Medical Limited on the Specialist Instructors page of our website.  Jamie and his team from Fusion Medical Limited provide the first aid teaching on the series of Wilderness Emergency Medic courses Woodlore offer.

3 thoughts on “Woodlore’s first WEM 2 first aid course

  1. Deb Hume

    I agree Mark. The bubbling FX must have been gruesome! Glad it wasn’t for real though – I’m not sure if I’d cope with seeing Dan this badly injured for real!

    Btw – I was a bit surprised to see that I have a second great actor in the family. Let’s hope it’s not contagious! (Middle son’s a musician!)



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