The last Woodlore course of the year

Last week saw Woodlore’s final course of the season take place – a Fundamental Bushcraft course run by Woodlore Fundamental Instructor Dan Hume:

It’s been a very busy and exciting year.  I think we all felt the bite of autumn last week, preparing us for the coming winter. – Dan Hume.

The following feedback and photo were sent in by Krzys Lender, who attended the last Fundamental course:

Hi Folks,

Please find attached a couple of group photos from last week’s course. I’d like to say again what a great week it was and that Dan, Emma, Kevin and Nick were simply brilliant instructors who were patient, encouraging, motivating and inspirational. Thank you all so much!

I have booked a navigation skills course for next year so hope to see you all again.

FAO Emma – Just as you predicted, I found my cordage when I got home. It’s rubbish so I’m off out later to collect more nettles to make something better.



The last Woodlore course of 2010
The last Woodlore course of 2010

Here at Woodlore, we’re already getting prepared for and looking forward to the start of next year’s UK course season, which kicks off in April 2011. Hope to see you there!

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