Graham Berry’s finished Julius Pettersson knife

Woodlore customer Graham Berry recently got in touch with us to show us his finished Julius Pettersson Hand-Forged Knife Blade, which he’s been busy making a handle for. Made from Australian Cypress Pine, it’s a beautifully simple example of what can be done with these knife blades:

Graham Berry's Knife

Graham Berry's finished Julius Pettersson knife

Hello to everyone at Ray Mears! I’m unofficially your biggest ex-pat fan in Australia; I’ve been watching and following Ray since the ancient times of Country Tracks on BBC2…! Love what you guys are doing…

I was given the Julius Pettersson Blade for Christmas by my wife a couple of years ago, and I’ve finally gotten around to putting a proper handle on! I’ve made one or two other knives in a similar style, but this one is my favourite! The handle is a stainless steel bolster, and the wood is Australian Cypress Pine. I’ve almost finished the sheath, which is made of 2 mm veg-tanned leather. The wood just flames in the sun when it’s been oiled, so good. Anyway, hopefully I’ve done this awesome blade justice.

Thanks, Graham Berry

6 thoughts on “Graham Berry’s finished Julius Pettersson knife

  1. Step

    Love the simple lines of this handle, and the beautiful grain in the wood. Really beautiful piece!

    I too have been a fan of Ray’s since the days of ‘Country Tracks’ on BBC2.



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