Ray Mears to give two talks at The London Outdoors Show

The Outdoors Show at the ExCel Centre, London

On Saturday January 15th, Ray Mears will be appearing at the London Outdoors Show at the ExCel Centre, where he will be giving two talks, each followed by a private book signing session.

Alongside a lineup of outdoors experts, adventurers and celebrities – including Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Ben Fogle and Simon King – Ray will be appearing as part of this years ‘Outdoor Heroes Theatre’. These exclusive theatre sessions will be hosted in the ExCeL’s platinum suite, a fully self-contained and separate auditorium.

Ray will be giving an hour-long talk, followed by a Q&A session and the aforementioned book signing, at 11 AM and 3 PM this Saturday. For more information or to book your ticket, please visit the following link:

The London Outdoors Show – Outdoor Heroes Theatre

5 thoughts on “Ray Mears to give two talks at The London Outdoors Show

  1. Rik White

    I too listened to Ray on Saturday and i too was impressed.
    Bizarrely i was asked to excuse Ben Fogle by Ben Fogle.
    A piece of advice given to me by a Fundamental Bushcraft and Campcraft course attendee will be stricly adhered to when i get to attend, thanks Sam, and i hope all goes well in 4 months time.


  2. Sam

    I attended the talk last saturday.

    A spell binding seventy minutes improved only by meeting and getting a photo and autograph with the man himself.

    what was especially nice for me was how when asked for an autograph for myself and my son how genuinely pleased Mr Mears appeared when i confessed he wasn’t yet born and the honest and heartfelt congratualtions i recieved from Mr Mears.

    it does help me feel smug knowing that the only three people in the world who currently know my firstborn’s name are myself,my fiancee and ray mears.


  3. James


    I was at the Outdoors Show today. I met Ray he was really nice and kind and signed my copy of Essential Bushcraft. Please tell Ray he made my day as I like camping and being outside.

    Thank you,

    James (age 11)

    Ps. If Ray ever needs a young assistant I would be honoured to help.

    Winner of ‘Comment of the Week’


  4. Andrew


    I attended the Ray Mears talk at the Outdoor Show and I thought it was very good. One of the better talks I’ve heard over the last 12 months, covering a interesting array of topics, also combined with some great audience questions made it a great 70 minutes.





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