Rogelio Lora’s hand-finished Large Crooked Knife

Woodlore customer Rogelio of Spain contacted us recently to let us know how he got on with his Large Crooked Knife Blade:

Rogelio Lora's Large Crooked Knife

Rogelio’s finished Large Crooked Knife (click for full size)

Hello Woodloreans,

My crooked knife blade (Christmas present) finally arrived and I couldn’t wait to put the handle on to it. I went into the woods with only my laplander saw and my mora knife, as I didnt have my axe here.

I found a piece of olive wood, which is an extremely hard wood, that I had used half a year ago to carve a spoon. I cut it into size, removed the rotten outside and started carving; all of this I did without yet having the blade with me.

As woods here in southern Spain tend to be harder, I thought the thumb support would be essential, and as I was carving it I realised that it was starting to look like a bird’s head, so I decided to fashion it in this way.

The engravings I did with a lense, something I had tried before on a walking stick, and I thought I’d finish it with some olive oil, rather than other more appropriate oils for woods, as it was the natural oil that this wood would originally contain: it was a success.

I would recommend anyone thinking about buying a crooked knife to give it a try; the handle was actually easier to make than I first thought, I mean it fits in surprisingly well. There’s also a video at YouTube called “making a crook knife” (parts 3 and 4 are about the handle) which really helped.

Anyway, I’m really happy about this tool, even though at the beginning I thought maybe 80 euros would be too much for a blade, I already gave it a try and it is a superb piece of kit.

Kind regards,

Rogelio L. Lora

3 thoughts on “Rogelio Lora’s hand-finished Large Crooked Knife

  1. marina mayer

    I’m a German friend of Roge and I saw that masterpiece.
    I visited him in south Spain recently.
    The picture above is great, but it even looks more impressive in reality. It’s not too big, so you can use it perfectly. – Although he is young, he’s really creative and knows a lot about nature.



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