Nick Davis’ Julius Pettersson Knife

Woodlore customer Nick Davis had a go at fitting a handle to his Julius Pettersson Knife Blade, and sent in the results:

Nick Davis' Julius Pettersson Knife

Nick Davis' finished Julius Pettersson Knife

Hi Woodlore Team,

Just wanted to send in a photo of my finished Julius Pettersson knife in the hope that you will add it to the others already on your blog page.
The handle is Thoya Burr and buffalo horn inlayed with bone. The ferrule and tang are both brass for added strength.
Working on these wonderful blades is such a relaxing and rewarding undertaking as you are building something that will be a source of pride every time you use it… and it will last a lifetime!
Many thanks for all you do in sourcing quality items such as these blades!….. now I better get on with building my crooked knife!
All the Best,
Nick Davis

5 thoughts on “Nick Davis’ Julius Pettersson Knife

  1. Rogelio L. Lora

    A very beatiful handle, Nick. I finished my crook knife handle (you can see it a few entries before yours) and I would really recommend you to give it a try, especially after demonstrating what you are able to create from these blades! I am also very happy with the quality of my crook knife blade.



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