Nick Murphy’s Julius Pettersson Knife

The following post was kindly sent in by Woodlore customer Nick, who purchased the Julius Pettersson Knife Blade:

Hello Woodlore,

Having a look at the blog I noticed that there were a few pictures of completed knives and I thought I would send in a couple of mine:

Nick Murphy's Julius Pettersson knife

Nick Murphy’s Julius Pettersson knife

Nick's knife, complete with hand-made sheath

Nick’s knife, complete with hand-made sheath

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the build – wish I did in retrospect. I made the knife about three years ago now – soon after it first came out on the website. Tracking down the materials was interesting and introduced me to the subculture of Scandinavian knife making.

I followed Ulf Avanders book as best I could and tried to use authentic materials; all apart from the piece of buffalo horn for contrast and the bit of exotic hard wood, the name of which I have forgotten.

It was a great project and I recommend it. I still haven’t got round to the Scrimshaw – maybe one day.

Nick Murphy

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