Nick Simmons’ Julius Pettersson Knife

Here’s another fine example of the many different styles of handle that are being made for our Julius Pettersson Knife Blade. Woodlore customer Nick Simmons created a more ornate handle than is often seen, using filework techniques to great decorative effect:

Hi there,

Just finished this knife for my good friend Eddie’s 40th birthday. Thought you might like to see it!

Nick's finished Julius Pettersson knife

Nick’s finished Julius Pettersson knife

There’s a mix of Barasingha antler, red fibre liner, cape buffalo horn, indian ebony and an unknown offcut that a deer keeper gave me! Loved working on it.

Detail of Nick's filework

Detail of Nick’s filework

This is the first Scandinavian style knife I’ve made, I don’t think it’ll be the last!

Further decoration from Nick's fileworking

Further decoration from Nick’s fileworking

All the best,

Nick Simmons

8 thoughts on “Nick Simmons’ Julius Pettersson Knife

  1. Nick Simmons

    Aha! Thanks for that Glyn. There’d been some speculation that it might be an off cut from an old chair leg or something!


  2. Nick Simmons

    Thanks folks! Eddie liked it as well. The file work is easier than you’d think and it’s well worth having a go at it yourself. Practice in a scrap of steel or something softer like aluminium first though! I think the fact that i could do it into the back of a finished blade speaks volumes about the quality of blacksmithing. The edge being hard, the back being soft enough to file.



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