Chris Ward’s Julius Pettersson Knife

Woodlore customer Chris Ward got in touch earlier this year with some photos of his own Julius Pettersson knife. Chris has taken a different design route to many of our customers, so it will be interesting to hear what you all think.

Hi Woodlore,

This is the first knife that I’ve made using your Hand Forged Knife Blade:

Chris Ward's Julius Pettersson Knife

Chris Ward’s Julius Pettersson Knife

I used some ebony and elforyn, sandwiched with 1 mm brass sheet and red and black fibre liners. I also used a brass rod which I shaped with my lathe to make the handle a little longer – I taped the end of the brass rod so it fit a brass nut in the pommel. The pommel and guard are made from brass.

Chris' knife complete with his hand-made sheath

Chris’ knife complete with his hand-made sheath

The sheath is a peice of cedar, laminated with the leftover bits of ebony with red fibre liner. This was then glued together with flat leather strips holding 1″ webbing in place. A strip of brass was sewn in between two lengths of webbing for rigidness, and 3 mm black leather thong forms the belt loop. A piece of double-sided Velcro was sewn to the webbing to hold the knife in place.

Chris Ward

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