Hans Hilverdink’s Julius Pettersson Knife

The following post was kindly sent in by Woodlore customer Hans Hilverdink from the Netherlands; another beautiful example of the type of handle that can be made:

Hello Woodlore,

I’ve made myself a knife, using the blade of Julius Pettersson. I ordered some tools and stuff from Finland. It’s made of unknown tropical hardwood, brass and black nylon; all found in the shed of my father:

Hans' Julius Pettersson Knife complete with leather belt sheath
Hans’ Julius Pettersson Knife complete with leather belt sheath

It was good fun and I will be making more of this. I found myself a new hobby!

Thanks, with kind regards,

Hans Hilverdink,
The Netherlands

4 thoughts on “Hans Hilverdink’s Julius Pettersson Knife

  1. PSN fredvein

    I couldn’t resist having another butchers (English for ‘look’) at your amazing design, having just submitted my own JP knife to the site. I was surprized at how much you must have influenced my approach. This is by far my favourite of all the worthy efforts on archive. Your mixture of media an subtle measured use use of it made me quite envious (in a good way;) Seeing it again, I think there should be a section just for the Julius knife with yours at the top of the rating. You have my thanks.


  2. Paul Adamson

    Good work Hans and good luck with the new hobby, it is rather addictive though 🙂 Julius was a big inspiration to me after seeing the Sweden episode of “Bushcraft” and Ive enjoyed making many blades and handles since.



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