Get Prepared For Another Frosty Winter

2011 has provided us with some odd weather here in the UK, with dry, mild days continuing all the way into December. However, anyone getting up early for work this past week could tell you that the cold weather is definitely creeping in – icy windscreens, gritters on the roads, and the sight of a postman in trousers instead of shorts are all tell-tale signs!

Recommended kit and clothing for winter

Ray Mears and the Woodlore Team have hand-picked a list of Recommended Kit and Clothing for Winter, to help keep you safe and warm this festive season. With the last few years bringing a healthy dusting of snow across the land (often followed by abandoned cars, closed shops and twisted ankles galore), now is a better time than any to get yourself prepared.

So don’t let the weather get the better of you – get out there and make the most of it.

3 thoughts on “Get Prepared For Another Frosty Winter

  1. Dave

    We are having a warm winter and only a few snow spells. Usually we should have had several feet by now, but the ground is bare. Send us some of that cold and snow.



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