Five Tonnes Of Firewood And Still Going Strong

Here at Woodlore, we’ve been using and stocking the classic Gransfors Small Forest Axe for as long as we can remember. Woodlore customer Peter Burton recently got in touch with us to offer his feedback on this tool, after really putting it to the test:

Hi Woodlore,

My name is Peter Burton, I purchased a Small Forest Axe from you two years ago to split some logs in my garden for my indoor wood burning stoves. I have access to three trees felled by a farmer – Chestnut and Sycamore, as well as fallen Beech and Ash branches from his land. I have cut these using a bow saw and my axe, splitting over 5 tonnes of logs this year:

Pete's reward for many hours of log splitting...

Pete’s reward for many hours of log splitting…

...and the rest!

Looking at the blade of this wonderful piece of kit, it is showing no signs of needing any attention and will still cut a sheet of paper. I am now looking for a smaller one to pack up for my Scout troop – the 14th Spen Valley, West Yorkshire.