Neil Salisbury’s Julius Pettersson Knife

The following post was kindly provided by Woodlore customer Neil Salisbury:

Hello Woodlore,

Here are some photos of the handle I made for my Hand Forged Knife Blade. Im calling it my ‘Brecons Knife’, as the red deer antler and pieces of rowan came from the Brecons during one of my many trips there. I made the bolster from antler too, and added my initial as a little personal touch; the leather came from an old rifle sling – I’m all about recycling!


Neil Salisbury's Knife Handle

Neil Salisbury’s ‘Brecons Knife’

I know it’s not the most ornate handle ever made, but I made it for practical uses; it feels really comfortable and strong in my hand and grips well, which I’m sure you will agree is the most important aspect of a handle. I also think that the natural patterns in the antler and the grain of the rowan are nice enough to be kept simple, with just some linseed oil for protection. I will soon be ordering a sheath, I just can’t quite decide which one!

Neil Salisbury

7 thoughts on “Neil Salisbury’s Julius Pettersson Knife

  1. Tom

    Beautiful knife.

    Can i ask a question? how did you fasten the final piece to the end of the handle? Is it just glued or did you use some other fastening to keep the other pieces from sliding off the end? (I know they’re all glued anyway, jkust wondering if you used any extra fixings)

    Thanks mate, lovely work



  2. Martin

    You are far too modest about the handle mate. It’s absolutely beautiful and i can almost feel it in my hand. Good work, good on the recycling and good wishes to you.


  3. Pete

    Great bit of recycling mate = should feel good in the hand !
    If you feel inclined to make your own blades a good source is worn out commercial mower blades. High carbon content, and already work hardened.
    I have made several, and they are the toughest blades I have made.



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