Campbell Metcalfe’s Kuksa Cup

The following post was kindly sent in by fellow Woodlorean Campbell Metcalfe:

Hi Woodlore,

After coming on a Fundamental Bushcraft course in September I’ve been enjoying walks around the forests near where I live in Scotland. After seeing a traditional Kuksa in a couple of Ray’s programmes, I thought I’d give it a go; having only carved one or two spoons before I knew it would be quite a challenge.

On one of my walks I found a recently fallen ash tree with a large enough burr on the side of it to try to make my cup. I started by hewing the rough shape out with the Small Forest Axe and carving the bowl out. After a slightly over enthusiastic hit with the axe I unfortunately snapped the handle. A quick repair job later and the cup looked fine, so kept on going.

Campbell's in-progress Kuksa

Campbell’s in-progress Kuksa

After boiling in salt water, drying, repegging the handle and finishing the carving, then sanding and oiling it, the Kuksa is finally done. A piece of nettle string that I made during the Fundamental Bushcraft course through the handle finishes the whole thing. Now time to enjoy a good cup of coffee!

The finished article

The finished article


The finished article

The finished article

I’d love to know what you think.


Campbell Metcalfe

6 thoughts on “Campbell Metcalfe’s Kuksa Cup

  1. Celtic Rambler

    That’s beautiful. Lovely figuring in the wood, and you’ve done a brilliant job of fixing the handle.

    Amazing for your first ever kuksa – inspires me to get off my butt and make one!




  2. Micahel

    Really beautiful piece of work. Love the color and texture of the wood, it looks very unusual. Why did you boil it in Salt water?


  3. David Southey

    Its incredibly satisfying to bring out the beauty beneath the bark, even more so if its something your gonna use Every day. Great job Campbell!



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