Greetings from Alaska!

It’s always a pleasure to hear from our customers around the world, especially when they’re in the thick of it and putting their kit and clothing to the test. So it was great to receive the following message this week, courtesy of Kristian from Denmark:

Dear Woodlore,

It is now 4 years that I have been using my Swazi/Ray Mears Tahr Anorak. I’m here in Alaska, and recently I’ve been on an expedition on Kodiak Island, crossing the island on foot. And I pretty much live in the jacket every day. I’m writing this just for you, because I am a happy customer 🙂

Here is a picture of me and the Swazi in the Kodiak wilderness:


Kristian in his Swazi Tahr Anorak, on Kodiak Island

Kristian in his Swazi Tahr Anorak, on Kodiak Island


Next stop – to cross New Zealand on foot in October, with only flour, rice, water, a rifle, knife and, of course, my Swazi Tahr Anorak.

Thanks again, sincerely and big smile,

Kristian Jersing

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