An Evening with Ray Mears – Tour Dates and Venues for 2013

Woodlore are very excited to announce that Ray Mears will be embarking on a nationwide tour in 2013, entitled ‘An Evening with Ray Mears‘. Coinciding with Woodlore’s 30th Anniversary, this new series of talks will find Ray sharing some of his favourite moments from his many adventures:

An Evening with Ray Mears 2013 Tour

For the full listing of dates, venues and booking details, please click on the flyer below:

An Evening with Ray Mears 2013 - Tour venues and dates


70 thoughts on “An Evening with Ray Mears – Tour Dates and Venues for 2013

  1. Judith Ramsay

    Saw Ray’s show at Tyne Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne, on Wednesday 2nd October. I was enthralled throughout! I’m now reading his new book, and bought 2 of his previous bushcraft/survival books at a charity shop. Can’t wait to see the new TV series, about the Wild West.


  2. Alan

    I had the privilege of attending Rays evening in Edinburgh.

    I had a brilliant time.
    Ray is a very articulate and enthralling speaker. I could have listened to him all night.
    The content was very well thought out and interesting, Rays message is delivered very well with out being “preachy”.

    If you get the chance go, you will not regret it.
    Thanks Ray for a brilliant evening.

    Best wishes


  3. Gary

    No Belfast this time round? 😦

    Or anywhere over here? I’m sure you could squeeze another evening in for across the Irish Sea!! 😉


  4. Neil

    Nothing at all in east anglia or norfolk? How about the corn exchange in King’s Lynn next time, ray has a massive following in norfolk and the corn exchange is affordable, near to the station, and has a good capacity..


  5. Joe

    Yeah Croydon!! We said Arran. Nice to see there’s someone else who’d like to spend an evening listening to the local treasure 🙂


  6. paolo

    Sarebbe fantastica una serata in italy, sarebbe bello poter vedere in tv almeno i documentari di RAY che qui non vengono trasmessi.

    Would be a fantastic evening in Italy, it would be nice to see at least on TV; Ray’s documentaries here are not transmitted.


  7. Pavane

    Stop complaining all you people! I am in New Zealand and wishing Ray was coming down here. I guess that’s too much to ask. I just discovered him and I think he is just wonderful. He is so gentle and respectful of the earth and all the many indigenous people he has come across. A perfect combination of practical survival skills and hand crafts. I love that he makes stuff – implements and things…gosh…I think you are fantastic Ray! Thank you.



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