Ray Mears to Release Autobiography in 2013

Ray Mears fans unite! The British publishers Hodder & Stoughton have confirmed that the much-anticipated Ray Mears autobiography will be released later this year. Provisionally titled ‘An Outdoor Life‘, the book is scheduled for release in September 2013, coinciding with Ray’s nationwide lecture tour.

Ray during filming for the 'Wolves' episode of Survival with Ray Mears, Idaho

Ray in Idaho, during filming for the ‘Wolves’ episode of Survival with Ray Mears

I’ve been asked to write my autobiography many times, but it hasn’t felt right until now. I’ll be 50 this year, and it’s 30 years since I started Woodlore, the organisation that has helped thousands of people to a greater understanding of the world around us. – Ray Mears


Hodder & Stoughton commented:

We’re delighted that he’s chosen Hodder to publish his memoir, a story that will enthral his millions of admirers – and surprise a few people too.


For more information, please view the Hodder & Stoughton Press Release.

13 thoughts on “Ray Mears to Release Autobiography in 2013

  1. Pam

    Thank-you, I have learned a lot from watching you on You tube. I was happy to hear that you are doing an autobiography, I think it will benefit a lot of people. Again Thank-you.



  2. Grant Tyers

    I am really looking forward to this autobiography, I grew up In Alberta ,Canada and watching Ray during his visits to the wilderness , his enthusiasm and empathy for the natural world takes me back to the years hiking in the Rockies, Can’t wait to read it!


  3. Julian

    Funny was never really interested in book signing stuff! But Ray Mears books are the only books I manage to read from start to finish!

    They are captivating and educational!


  4. Sue bright

    I thought he was 50 next year (born 7th feb 1964?) nevertheless..v v pleased to hear of this and looking forward to spending a day learning about wood carving with him this year.


  5. Martin Dryden

    Two things. Audio version I hope, and read by the man himself ????
    Also any chance it will be ready for his impending tour and he can do signed copies ????
    Been to two lectures and loved both and on two Woodlore courses and desperate to do more. However at no point have I had chance to shake his hand, say thanks, and get him to sign a book 🙂
    He did let me across the road in Llandudno 🙂


  6. Hans

    I can’t wait to buy and read that book. I hope all is well with Ray, and I wonder if he’ll ever be touring the USA? It’d be nice to learn more from him.



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