Woodlore Staff Training 2014

Last weekend at Woodlore there was a fantastic atmosphere and a tremendous enthusiasm for the coming year as our outdoor team assembled for the annual staff training meet. We were blessed with gorgeous weather more reminiscent of June than mid March, which was greatly welcomed by all!

Staff during training

Staff during Woodlore’s pre-season staff training

As always, this annual event is a chance for the whole team to gather prior to the commencement of the courses to catch up, review the previous year and train in certain areas.

Outdoor Team members learning the vital skill of Navigation

Members of Woodlore’s outdoor team brushing up on their navigation skills

This year’s topics included conducting navigational exercises and experimenting with new recipes incorporating wild food and different methods of outdoor cooking.

David Southey carving during Woodlore's staff training

Woodlore outdoor team member David Southey carving a featherstick with his Gransfors Axe

Spirits are higher than ever as the whole team continues to train hard to ensure the highest quality of tuition and the best possible experience for our clients. If you are joining us on a course or expedition this year, we very much look forward to welcoming you to our campfire.

Food preparation during staff training

Woodlore outdoor team members preparing meals from new recipes during staff training

Dan Hume, Fundamental Instructor & Head of Operations

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