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Swift Water Training 2014

Water is essential to life, beautiful and extremely hazardous; crossing water is one of the most dangerous undertakings in the outdoor world and the decision to do so must never be taken lightly. Inevitably though, there will come a time when the traveller is left with no choice and it is at these moments that prior experience and training become invaluable.


Safe crossing depends on the affective assessment of the hazard.

When training our students to make water crossings, we encourage them to use the acronym: WASPTAR – What type of water is it? Will it be cold? Are there other hazards? Is it feasible to attempt?

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Woodlore Staff Training 2014

Last weekend at Woodlore there was a fantastic atmosphere and a tremendous enthusiasm for the coming year as our outdoor team assembled for the annual staff training meet. We were blessed with gorgeous weather more reminiscent of June than mid March, which was greatly welcomed by all!

Staff during training

Staff during Woodlore’s pre-season staff training

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