Can You Match the Deer Species?

The following post was written by Woodlore Senior Assistant Ross Burt:

During the year and especially the winter months I produce my artwork to sell; I call this my ‘Bush Art’. During a Fundamental Bushcraft course on which Tom and I were working, a large beech tree fell and landed on a yew tree. One of the limbs that was smashed off was used by us to produce some coasters.

Some time later, I was sitting in a wood and it suddenly occurred to me that coasters usually come in a pack of six, now we have six species of deer in the UK! I popped out and used some beautiful oak for the ones shown below.

Ross Burt - Deer Coaster 4

Coaster #1

Ross Burt - Deer Coaster 5

Coaster #2

Ross Burt - Deer Coaster 3

Coaster #3

Ross Burt - Deer Coaster 2

Coaster #4

Ross Burt - Deer Coaster 1

Coaster #5

Ross Burt - Deer Coaster 6

Coaster #6

Can you put the six species to the right coasters – Red, Fallow, Muntjac, Chinese water deer, Sika & Roe? There is something more to these as well; those of you who know and look closely will see. Oh, and of course you should be able to tell the rough time of year from the pyrography!

– Ross Burt, Senior Assistant

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