Bergans Lavvo 4-6 Person Tent Review

The following review is easily the toughest test we’ve seen of one of our favourite group shelters, the Bergans Lavvo Tent. Pitched in the vast wilderness of the Cairngorm mountain range in the midst of Hurricane Bertha, the Lavvo became a welcome shelter for Julian and his team at Cairngorm Wilderness Contracts, a company dedicated to maintaining safe access routes throughout the mountains and wilderness areas of the UK.

The team's Lavvo Tent, pitched on Cairn Gorm Mountain

The team’s Lavvo Tent, pitched on Cairn Gorm Mountain

Hi there Woodlore team,

Firstly, a huge thanks to you all for a top notch service once again. We order quite a lot of gear online for our company and for our own personal use, and yours is by far the best service we have ever had; consistently good and very fast, thank you.

Our latest purchase was of a Bergans Lavvo 4/6 Person Tent – fantastic price and a great bit of kit. As a company that specialises in hand-building mountain paths, mainly in the Cairngorm Mountains Range, we are out there in all of the worst weather that comes with working on the highest area of land in the UK!

The Bergans Lavvo could not have arrived at a more opportune moment; the day after receiving it, the tail end of Hurricane Bertha hit, and boy did it hit! Torrential rain and very high winds with gusts of around 80+ mph and a pretty cold wind chill, gave us and the tent a stern test…

Learning how to put it up in those conditions wasn’t the easiest, but the simplicity of its design meant that on the first go it was no longer than 15 mins before we could take shelter from the atrocious weather.

The tent has exceeded all expectations, even surviving a weekend with no one in it, although the centre pole was driven 18 inches into the ground by the force of the gales that battered it and required a bit of adjusting, the integrity was never compromised.

CWC co-founders Julian and Stuart, along with Jack, and dog Josey

CWC co-founders Julian and Stuart, along with Jack, and dog Josey

Hurricane Bertha and the weather systems she dragged in are still battering us up here, high winds and even snow and hail are making life pretty tough, but all the team are happy and confident knowing we have a place to shelter if needs be.

In recognition of this we have decided to name the tent Bergan Bertha!

Once again, a huge thanks for not only the service, but also for the peace of mind that buying a product from yourselves gives. All of the products that we have purchased from you have been of an exceptional quality and absolutely fit for purpose, and believe me when I say, we REALLY put them to the test every day!

Thanks again,
Julian Digby,
Director, Cairngorm Wilderness Contracts

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