Winter Camping

It’s all too easy to slip into hibernation mode at this time of year, especially if you’re fortunate enough to have a decent log fire roaring away at home. But we shouldn’t forget the unique experiences that winter camping has to offer us all, as fellow Woodlorean Garry Dutfield shows us here. Grisedale-Tarn-Akto-Camping-Winter-1

Garry recently spent three days hiking and lightweight camping in the snow-covered hills of the Lake District, pitching his Hilleberg Akto Tent in a superbly picturesque spot beside Grisedale Tarn.



So before settling down to another weekend indoors, consider the delights that just might be in store for you if you choose to brave the cold, and let us know what you discover. To quote the old adage – there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.

N.B. The legendary Hilleberg Akto Tent is currently on special offer, for a limited time only.

4 thoughts on “Winter Camping

  1. Outdoor Jane

    Wintertime has so much to offer! The cold and the colours go together, beautiful images, thank you! My favorite winter destination is Scandinavia, with its plummeting temperatures, dark months and endless snow covered mountain plains. It inspires our thoughts!

    Read (and see) more on:



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