Your Chance to Interview Woodlore Instructor Keith Whitehead

Some of you dedicated Woodlore blog fans may remember an interview that took place with Dan Hume back in August 2011, that comprised of questions asked by you.  This year we are offering you the chance to put questions to our recently appointed Instructor Keith Whitehead.  Keith has very kindly offered himself up as an interviewee, and will be answering a selection of your questions on topics chosen by you.

Keith Whitehad

Woodlore Instructor Keith Whitehead

During his career at Woodlore, Keith has led our Fundamental Bushcraft, Introduction to Bushcraft, and Family Bushcraft courses, as well as assisting on Camp Craft, Tracking, Journeyman and Arctic courses.  Keith is Woodlore’s Quartermaster and he passed the Instructor test in August 2014, being presented with the prestigious Woodlore Instructor knife.

If you’d like to get involved, all you need to do is post your question as a comment below (we’ll keep all of the comments hidden before picking the best ones to put forward to Keith).

The person who submits the best question, as chosen by Keith himself, will win a £20.00 Woodlore Voucher.

We look forward to receiving your questions and putting together an interesting article.

N.B – All questions need to be submitted as a comment below to be considered and entries close on Saturday 28th February 2015.


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