Learning to Live Comfortably in the Woods

We recently ran our first Camp Craft course of the season in a beautiful piece of countryside, close to the historic town of Battle in East Sussex.

As part of the preparation for the course, our most senior instructors Dan Hume and Keith Whitehead had been busy practising the splicing and whipping techniques that they’d be passing on to those attending. Learning traditional skills such as these is what makes this course such an enlightening and rewarding experience.

Splicing Rope

The results of Keith’s whipping and splicing work in preparation for the course

During the course our students were taught a range of craft skills and techniques, alongside essential lessons on the safe use of axes and saws, to assist them with setting up and living in a fixed camp.

Keith teaching splicing on the Camp Craft course

Keith explains the splicing technique

Hard at work building a shelter

A student puts the finishing touches to the shelter that will be his home for the week

Crafting a ladder

One group begin crafting a ladder

The finished ladder

The finished ladder


A client bucking a felled tree


Course assistant Adrian Newton splitting a trunk using an axe, wedge and mallet

At the end of the week, course leader Dan Hume had this to say:

“The ability to live comfortably in the forest comes with many years of practice and application. To be able to share these essential skills with such enthusiastic students is both a pleasure and a privilege.”

And shortly after the course had taken place, we received these lovely reviews from two of our students:

“My second Woodlore course after the Fundamental Bushcraft, and all I can say is ‘brilliant’. The atmosphere was a lot more relaxed than the Fundamental, with more emphasis on developing skills and using tools to make life easier around camp. The axe, as you will learn if you come on this course, is a very versatile tool that you can do a lot of surprisingly heavy work with. The course instructors were a wealth of knowledge and always there to lend a hand. Thanks Dan, Keith and Ade.  Book on the course – you won’t regret it; especially when you fell your first tree and turn it into something special.” – Christopher G.

“I have just returned home from your Camp Craft course (my first Woodlore course), and wanted to express what an amazing experience I had. The team of experts – Dan, Keith and Adrian – were so kind and professional that I felt completely safe while they were around. Their knowledge and skill level is amazing; they are an absolute asset to Woodlore and an inspiration to me. I will definitely be returning to try more courses; I have found that ‘something’ I’ve been needing for a while now. Please pass on my thanks to the team.” – Neil

2 thoughts on “Learning to Live Comfortably in the Woods

  1. Gwyn H James

    Reminds of the my old First Class tests when I was a scout. Pity they dropped these skills in the pursuit of being modern! Why I will never know! Good too see Woodlore is keeping the skills alive.



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