See the Spyderco Ray Mears WolfSpyder Knife in Production

Step inside Spyderco’s renowned Golden, Colorado factory as the Ray Mears WolfSpyder Knife is produced:

The WolfSpyder Knife is an exclusive collaboration between Ray Mears and the prestigious American knife makers Spyderco. It is the first ever folding knife to be designed by Ray Mears, and is available to order exclusively through Woodlore. For full details, please click here.

1 thought on “See the Spyderco Ray Mears WolfSpyder Knife in Production

  1. John Fowler

    Hi Woodlore my name is John Fowler, I’m from South Africa, I received my Wolfspyder folder on 24 May 2016 and would like to say that I’m very impressed with the knife, I am a retired army officer as well as collector of good knives. The service I received from Woodlore was excellent thank you very much. I also work with leather craft and have made myself a friction fit sheath for the knife and works and looks great
    Thank you once again for the awesome service
    John Fowler



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