Meet Woodlore’s Instructors: Brian Fox

Since Woodlore’s inception many decades ago, our aim has always been to offer the most prestigious level of training in bushcraft and wilderness survival skills. As such, we pride ourselves on our dedicated team of instructors, whose passion for the subject shines through in their teaching.

And so it is with great pleasure that we introduce a new series of blog posts today focusing on individual members of our team. If you’ve been thinking about booking a course with Woodlore, here is your chance to get to know the instructors who may be guiding you this year.

Brian Fox

Brian Fox


Brian Fox



How many years have you been working with Woodlore?


How did your journey with Woodlore begin?

I was captivated by Ray’s programmes on television, so I signed on for the Fundamental course. I haven’t looked back.

Which Woodlore courses have you attended as a student?

And which Woodlore courses have you previously worked on as an instructor?

What is your profession outside of Woodlore?

I am now retired but was a policeman and soldier.

And what are your interests outside of bushcraft?

I run a branch of the Royal Marines Association which support Royal Marines and other former servicemen in my area.

Brian at a D Day memorial servic

Brian accompanying Dennis, a fellow Royal Marine, at a D-Day memorial ceremony commemorating Dennis and his colleagues who were members of the landing craft personnel.

What has been your most memorable experience on a course so far?

Being woken up by a little owl and the dawn chorus, early at the start of a beautiful sunny morning, and appreciating the idyllic woodland surrounding.

Of the skills you’ve learnt as an instructor, which ones have you found the most useful during your own personal adventures?

Fire starting and fire making.

Which skills are you hoping to perfect this season?

I don’t know about “perfect” but I want to gain further knowledge in plants and tracking.

Brian Fox

Brian teaching bushcraft skills as a Police Sergeant, to inner city teens.

What would you say is your favourite meal to cook outdoors?

Lasagne made in a Dutch oven.

Last but not least, if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

My ancestor was the first person to climb Denali, so tracking in the Denali National Park.

This season you can find Brian working on the following courses:

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