Woodlore’s Chosen Charity – Children with Cancer UK

We at Woodlore are delighted to now be supporting Children with Cancer UK as our chosen charity to help with their excellent work fighting the UK’s biggest child killer. 

Children with Cancer was set up in 1987, following Eddie and Marion O’Gorman’s devastating loss of not one, but two children, Paul and Jean within the same year to cancer. Shortly after Jean passed away, Eddie and Marion met Diana, Princess of Wales. She was deeply moved by the double tragedy and she personally helped to establish this charity. Children with Cancer aim to improve survival rates and quality of survival in young cancer patients and to find and reduce the causes of cancer by funding research, raising awareness, and helping families as part of their work.

We are very much looking forward to working with the team at our chosen charity as a corporate partner well into the future and hope that we are able to make a small difference to some of the children’s lives who are battling with childhood cancer.

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