UPDATED 15/03/2022

As the Government restrictions due to COVID-19/Coronavirus coming to an end we continue to monitor the situation and endeavor to keep our staff and customers safe.

With the continued easing of the lockdown measures we are pleased to welcome back our full team at the office. We look forward to continuing to offer our customers a normal service providing fast delivery of your orders and professional training on our bushcraft courses.

Online shop

The team at Woodlore are well and orders are being dispatched swiftly to our customers worldwide.

Unfortunately due to our couriers working on a reduced staff level, we are still unable to guarantee Saturday delivery on the next day service within the UK. Heavier items may experience an additional day for delivery.

For customers outside of the UK, we have been informed by our couriers packages may experience a quarantine period before being released for delivery within their destination country.

If any of our customers have any questions about the current shipping process, please do get in contact with us via email and we will be more than happy to assist you.


Our UK bushcraft courses have been able to continue since April 2021 and we are very pleased to have been able to offer a wide range of outdoor courses in a safe environment for our clients. Extra hygiene measures are in place and we recommend taking extra measures where social distancing is more challenging.

The situation is ever-changing and we would like to assure all of our customers that we are doing all we can to continue to provide the best service possible to you and we are continually keeping abreast of the developments from the Government and Public Health England, following their advice and guidelines.

We hope you keep safe and well.

Thank you for your support.

The Woodlore Team

5 thoughts on “Coronavirus

  1. Kaveh

    Lawrence Newman is 100% correct. We all need to stop listening to the media as the fear-mongering doesn’t reflect the stats. Plus you got a test that’s throwing out more false positives which is why the cases are going up. This is being done on purpose so that they can implement the new control system that is on route. Think of the China model but far more advanced. This was all planned and has been since they put Mao in power. Don’t believe me? lookup the China Traveller article by David Rockefeller from 1973 from the New York Times. It’s no longer a conspiracy theory people, its conspiracy fact!


  2. Lawrence Newman

    This isn’t even a proper pandemic. The mortality rate will be 0.2% maximum once you take into account all the untested asymptomatic people. It’s no more dangerous than the flu.



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